Note — this is the third part of a series on bringing data to life and driving outcomes. You can read more about High-Quality Success Metrics in Part I and Goal Setting in Part II.

One of the best parts of being in analytics is the joy of discovery. Every so often, you uncover an insight that no one has come across. Maybe you acted upon a new hypothesis, or you took an innovative approach to an existing problem. However, this feeling can evaporate if your amazing findings are not effectively communicated. …

Note: this is the second part of a series on bringing data to life and driving outcomes. Click here to find the first post: “Metrics, Metrics Everywhere: Elevate Product Development with High-Quality Success Measures”

The essence of product analytics can be distilled into the two following actions:

  • Uncover an insight, often by taking a creative analytical approach
  • Drive action, through effective communication to an interested audience

Data storytelling is a critical skill; without it, too many interesting analyses don’t achieve their potential. Goal setting provides a powerful way to show progress, explain trends, and paint a vision for the future…

Early in my career as a new analytics manager, I had the opportunity to sit down with a data leader at one of the world’s largest tech companies (hint: it’s a social network). As its analytics leader, he was responsible for overseeing hundreds of analysts, data scientists, and data engineers. Our conversation ranged from team building, collaborating with key stakeholders, and eventually turned to metrics, especially the all-too-common ask to build a dashboard for this and a dashboard for that. His guidance was simple, and has continued to stick with me:

Use metrics to drive actionable insights, not just dashboards!

Pat Twomey

Head of Product Analytics @Klaviyo, formerly Growth @Uber

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